A Targeted Gubernatorial Win


In order to win an open seat for governor in a conservative-leaning western state, a campaign needed to craft a strategy that reached beyond the classic campaign model and gain a deep understanding of the state's electorate. Hamilton Campaigns drew on its in-depth experience working in "red states" and used a modern techniques tailored for this environment to create a vote model that identified smart targets.


We used advanced analysis to segment the electorate into identifiable groups. Using cluster analysis we also identified key groups of voters who differed based on socio-economic status, level of civic and electoral participation, and support on the initiative.


The advanced statistical analysis was used to develop three major themes through which voters viewed every major issue. Based on this information voters were grouped into distinct groups based on attitudinal and demographic data, allowing us to craft messaging for each segment that seamlessly united the candidate's profile and voters interests. The result was a democratic win and the beginning of a shift toward Democratic victories in the West.

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