An Alternative Energy Company

An alternative energy company seeking to position itself as a viable alternative to power companies asked Hamilton Campaigns to help make its introduction. The company wanted the opportunity to compete with coal power across the state and first needed the support of voters and legislators. The ultimate goal was to win legislative approval to allow the first offshore wind farm in that state.

Hamilton Campaigns conducted a statewide survey to better understand attitudes toward alternative energy and assess how much traction was being gained by groups resisting wind farm development efforts.  Through thoughtfully crafted questions, aimed at understanding underlying attitudes and beliefs across the state, Hamilton Campaigns helped develop a communication strategy that would connect voters to the company's goal and highlight the benefits on the community. Talking points were developed and persuasive messages were identified.

Because paid communications had not yet begun on either side of the issue we took a broad approach to the study and surveyed the public at-large.   A statewide sample was used to determine which messaging worked best regionally and demographically before developing an outreach strategy. The result was a legislature that passed the bill and a client who is now able to compete for business and provide the public with a cleaner and safe way to fuel their homes.