David Beattie, President

Dave Beattie, president of Hamilton Campaigns since 2000, works with political candidates, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and national sports organizations, using data to help them make informed strategic decisions.

Dave has dedicated his considerable energy to identifying, studying and solving problems, from ad campaigns to protect a company’s brand, to political campaigns for elected offices from the state house to the White House. Over the past 15 years, Dave has built on a tradition of excellence, coupled with curiosity, championed by the company's founder, Bill Hamilton.

Dave's interest in research and targeting began in 1988, when he was elected to the Board of Education in Vestal, New York. Dave has helped train the next generation of political leaders as an adjunct professor in the University of Florida's Graduate Program in Political Campaigning, and he is a former member of the executive committee of the American Association of Political Consultants.

Dave is a sought-after expert on politics and current events. His political analysis and commentary have been featured on the broadcasts of National Public Radio, Fox News, MSNBC, and ABC’s “Nightline.” The firm’s survey results have been cited by many of the nation's leading newspapers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Dave's formal education includes a master's degree in Political Science from the University of Florida and a bachelor's degree in Political Communications from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. In addition to helping candidates win elections, Dave strives to be an engaged dad to his children, Zach and Skyler.