Political Campaigns

Political Campaigns

Hamilton Campaigns provides its clients with innovative and reliable research techniques that create winning strategies for even the toughest campaigns. Our focus on high quality analysis and research design makes us a leader in the field, but what makes us unique is our commitment to providing actionable research that can be relied upon to make critical decisions. READ MORE »



By applying data driven findings to messaging and policy research we help issue advocacy organizations develop powerful strategies for advancing awareness campaigns, ballot initiative activity, and legislation. We measure the attitudes of the public and opinion leaders and develop strategies that translate the analysis into action. READ MORE »



Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial firms and national and international media outlets are among the corporate clientele that come to Hamilton Campaigns for advice. Our approach to a broad range of research including brand studies, crisis management, product research, and advertising tests is to use quantitative and qualitative techniques to provide insight into consumer behavior.  READ MORE »